Pectoral Cross – The Signature Piece of Jewelry of Pope Francis

The pectoral cross is a cross which is worn by the popes and bishops on a chain around their neck. It is mainly made of gold and soon it became necessary for all the popes to wear it as a symbol of their prestige and power. At present the cross is made of gold, but many years ago it used to be decorated with precious stones and diamonds. The cross worn by the Christians is not the same as pectoral cross; in fact it is comparatively larger than the cross worn by Christians. There are many kind of pectoral cross like Silver, Gold and a pectoral cross with decorations. The pectoral cross with decoration is said to be the highest pectoral cross of all.

The images which appears on Pope Francis cross is a man whose goal is to guide his people to a life of simplicity as it will get them closer to God. At the centre of the cross is the image of the Jesus as a good shepherd. Around the shoulder Jesus is holding a lamb as he leads a group of sheep. The sheep on the cross means all of us following Jesus and his desire to have every one of us follow him. As Jesus, he is dressed up in simple clothes with barefoot. There is a dove at the top of the cross which signifies the presence of Holy Spirit.

In present world where so much of importance given to appearance, the way Pope Francis has chosen to dress speaks a lot about his quiet and humble personality. We all have seen the work done by Pope Francis. He just like Jesus has reached out to many people suffering from different types of disease, washed and kissed the feet of those who are sick. Many people around the world are very much fascinated about Pope Francis’s humble and simple behavior.


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