Significance of Catholic Crucifix

The cross sign has lot of meanings attached to it and it should not be taken lightly. It has a very strong religious value attached to it. It connects your soul to God, helps to drive away the negative energy and give you the strength to collect lots of positive vibes. It helps the Christians to be connected with Jesus all the time, gives the spirit to keep their spirit high and distract from all the negative things. But if the cross is been neglected then it loses all its value and influence. The parents and masters should carefully imply this religious method on their children and since children tend to imitate all that they see, parents should strictly practice this so that their children can learn it.

First Communion Four Way Cross Pendant

The crucifix is important symbol of the Catholics. Even though many other Christians proudly wearing the cross, but it is the catholic crucifix that makes it unique to the Catholics. Catholic actually do not worship the cross, they worship the crucifix. For Catholics, the cross was a method to torture Jesus’s body. When the cross is united with the body of Jesus that is when they feel the presence of Jesus since the crucifix emphasizes Jesus’ sacrifice and his death by crucifixion which Catholics believe brought the redemption of mankind This is the reason why Catholics use the crucifix as symbol

The other significance of the crucifix is your level of commitment to Jesus Christ. Christians believe in the renaissance and that one day we will be with Christ in heaven. On earth we should be willing to make sacrifices to serve our God.


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