Significance of Catholic Crucifix

The cross sign has lot of meanings attached to it and it should not be taken lightly. It has a very strong religious value attached to it. It connects your soul to God, helps to drive away the negative energy and give you the strength to collect lots of positive vibes. It helps the Christians to be connected with Jesus all the time, gives the spirit to keep their spirit high and distract from all the negative things. But if the cross is been neglected then it loses all its value and influence. The parents and masters should carefully imply this religious method on their children and since children tend to imitate all that they see, parents should strictly practice this so that their children can learn it.

First Communion Four Way Cross Pendant

The crucifix is important symbol of the Catholics. Even though many other Christians proudly wearing the cross, but it is the catholic crucifix that makes it unique to the Catholics. Catholic actually do not worship the cross, they worship the crucifix. For Catholics, the cross was a method to torture Jesus’s body. When the cross is united with the body of Jesus that is when they feel the presence of Jesus since the crucifix emphasizes Jesus’ sacrifice and his death by crucifixion which Catholics believe brought the redemption of mankind This is the reason why Catholics use the crucifix as symbol

The other significance of the crucifix is your level of commitment to Jesus Christ. Christians believe in the renaissance and that one day we will be with Christ in heaven. On earth we should be willing to make sacrifices to serve our God.


Pectoral Cross – The Signature Piece of Jewelry of Pope Francis

The pectoral cross is a cross which is worn by the popes and bishops on a chain around their neck. It is mainly made of gold and soon it became necessary for all the popes to wear it as a symbol of their prestige and power. At present the cross is made of gold, but many years ago it used to be decorated with precious stones and diamonds. The cross worn by the Christians is not the same as pectoral cross; in fact it is comparatively larger than the cross worn by Christians. There are many kind of pectoral cross like Silver, Gold and a pectoral cross with decorations. The pectoral cross with decoration is said to be the highest pectoral cross of all.

The images which appears on Pope Francis cross is a man whose goal is to guide his people to a life of simplicity as it will get them closer to God. At the centre of the cross is the image of the Jesus as a good shepherd. Around the shoulder Jesus is holding a lamb as he leads a group of sheep. The sheep on the cross means all of us following Jesus and his desire to have every one of us follow him. As Jesus, he is dressed up in simple clothes with barefoot. There is a dove at the top of the cross which signifies the presence of Holy Spirit.

In present world where so much of importance given to appearance, the way Pope Francis has chosen to dress speaks a lot about his quiet and humble personality. We all have seen the work done by Pope Francis. He just like Jesus has reached out to many people suffering from different types of disease, washed and kissed the feet of those who are sick. Many people around the world are very much fascinated about Pope Francis’s humble and simple behavior.

Best Catholic Bibles for Sale Online at Rosary Mart

Every religion has its holy book that guides its followers onto the right path and allows them to live happy and fulfilled lives. Catholic Bible is a holy book which has 73 book cannon recognized by the Catholic Church. There are many stores that have Catholic Bibles for sale, but there are only few which can sell the best quality bible which can be yours for a lifetime.

My Catholic Bible - Our Lady of Guadalupe

There are many beautiful perspectives of a human life that is jotted down in a Bible. People all around the globe has read and follow its rule to help themselves in troubled times. A Catholic Bible contains preaching of God, Jesus in which he let us know about the deeper meaning of life and how we can live it without harming anyone else.

Importance Of A Catholic Bible:

Every Catholic should own a Bible. The Bible has had many impacts on a human life over many centuries. Below mentioned are some points which explain in details the uses of a Catholic Bible in your life.

Stay in touch with God:

An everyday reading of a Catholic Bible can help a person change its view towards life and can encourage them to take better chances for a better life. Owning a Bible is like owning a life guide which gives you a feeling of refreshment and strength of God inside you.

Perfect Gift:

Whether it is an anniversary or a birthday, gifting a Catholic Bible is ideal for any age or occasion. It will be cherished for life by the receiver and will always serve them with good spirit in their lives.

Helping Aid to Get over Human Loss:

Every day people around the globe suffer from a loss of a person in their lives. Reading a Catholic Bible will help them cope up with the loss and will enable them to move forward in their lives.

Rosary Mart is an online store which offers high quality Catholic Bibles for sale at the lowest prices. So, don’t wait more to make a direct connection with God.

Things You Can Buy From A Catholic Gift Store

Buying gifts for your  loved ones is something that almost every other person indulges in. Gifting religious things is considered to be a token of purity, love and care. Nowadays, if you choose to visit an online catholic store, you will find a multitude of gifting options. You can try a store like RosaryMart which is a popular e-store for buying a fine range of catholic products. You can gift them to your near and dear ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc. Also, they make perfect gifts for events like the First Communion.

Let’s walk you through the gifting options that you’ll come in terms with while on your visit to a catholic gift store:

Plaques and Art : Mother and Child and Holy Family Plaques made in Sterling Silver or Crown of Thorns with Black Frame are objects which come under this category. These showcase beautiful religious pictures. Plaques and artworks are available in different styles. You can easily pick the one that fits your budget.

Keychains : Keychains make one of the best things to gift, especially the religious one. These keychains come in various designs and feature some highly worshiped saints. Some popular keychains that are picked by people every now and then are: Pope Francis Cross Keychain, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Keychain, Guardian Angel Chain, Holy Family Keychain and many others. You can find the largest collection of catholic keychains at


Gift Sets and Boxes : Gift Sets are usually two or more catholic products which come together as a combo pack. You can buy rosary and bracelet sets under this option. Usually made up of wood (sometimes sterling silver), gift boxes are also known as keepsake boxes. These can be used to store rosaries or catholic jewelry like bracelets and rings.

Holy Water Fonts : Holy water font, also known as a stoup is basically a vessel which is placed at the entrance of the church and contains holy water. You can buy some aesthetically alluring holy water fonts as a keepsake for your loved ones from just any catholic gift store.

Confirmation : Every catholic person goes through a set of 7 sacraments and confirmation is one of them. Mostly performed on children on their first birthdays, confirmation has a strong connection to baptism. You can gift anything from a pendants and book markers to rosaries as a Confirmation present.

First Communion : The First Holy Communion is another significant event of a Catholic’s life. These big events and large family gatherings are a highlights when it comes to this. You can present your loved one with a rosary set, a book or a combination of some exotic jewelry as a  First Communion gift.

Apart from this, you’ll also find some beautiful and special Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day gifts from a catholic gift store as well. Visit the online store or the one you love near your place, you’ll find some splendid options to gift!