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Alluring Rosary Gorgeous Pouches

If you want to keep your rosary safe then you must choose these attractive rosary eye catching pouches or cases to store them. Rosary cases or pouches come in wide array of designs and colors such as ornate boxes to leather and velvet pouches. These cases make hauling your rosary with you decent and eliminate gratuitous stress on the beads and chains. Many times your rosary breaks or snagged when keeping in your pocket or purse. Rosary pouches safeguards and ensures your rosary from these types of damages. Few populous products are mentioned below:

  • Ave Maria Black Rosary Zip Pouches: This Ave Maria Black Rosary Zip Pouches are made of leather. This is available in black color and is ideal and compact to store your rosary. There is gold foil insignia on one side of the pouch. The durability is long and the quality is very sound.
  • Red Rose Brocade Rosary Case or Pouch: This item is a classic rosary holder especially popular among females. This is made of brocade cloth material with a tiny cross zipper suspend or dangle.

Keepsake Boxes with Flowers

  • Madonna and Child Rosary Icon Pouch: These zippered Rosaries case or pouches and has beautiful features and design. This pouch has an image of the Christ Child and Virgin Mary. On the corresponding side of the pouch is a Byzantine Russian fashion cross with a Dove featured on the top of the cross and the Holy Spirit on the bottom of the cross. Each arm of this cross has first letters of Jesus Christ (J and C) in Greek language. This pouch is lined with nylon.